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Cycle To Work Schemes

Cycle to work schemes are a great way to get yourself a new bike and save up to 40% via the scheme!

Spread the cost of a new bike, interest-free & with zero up-front costs. Payments are taken for your new ride out of your gross salary. The process is simple, government-approved and flexible enough for you to choose repayment options which suit you.

We accept vouchers from the following schemes:

Cyclescheme -

Green Commute Initiative -

GCI Calculator -

How It Works

- Check with your employer if they participate in any of the schemes above

- Pick a bike that you'd like to purchase via the chosen scheme

- Email us at with the details of the scheme your employer uses, the bike make, model and size you require and we will then send you a quotation back to send to your employer.

- Once your employer has administered your request you will then receive your voucher back, once we have this, along with a proof of photo ID we can then process and complete your order and get you on your new bike!

- It really is that simple!

If you have any questions about the scheme or how it works, along with any questions about the bike you're looking for then just pop in store or call us on 01553 401990

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