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Compatible with our T1550, Agile and C5 frameset 



The importance of a good handlebar can’t be overstated. It’s one of the first things to hit the air as you ride along; so aerodynamics are important. It’s where you steer your bike; so design is important.


It’s where your hands have to handle shifting and braking duties; so ergonomics are important. It’s also where you get a lot of power from in your sprint, and your sprint can make or break your race, so stiffness is important.


The Winspace Zero SL is not designed to be a show-queen; placed on a bike on a display stand and never ridden, it’s designed to be raced…HARD. Our main goals when designing the Winspace Zero SL  were aerodynamics and stiffness and using our 10+ years of carbon combposite experience we engineered the bar to meet our goals and surpass industry standards for stiffness and safety.


NOTE: If you're temped by Winspace's direct prices please note these are subject to 24% UK import fees and are not covered by a UK warranty. All products purchased through us have had import fees paid, warranty all dealt through us here in the U.K and are fully supported locally.


Winspace Zero SL Integrated Bar and Stem

  • Warranty

    Winspace supply all frames with 3 years' warranty

     Wheelsets with 2 years' warranty

    1 year for accessories

    The specific details of this warranty can be found below on the Winspace website.

  • Winspace Order Info

    Please contact us before making any Winspace purchases. If the size or colour is not in stock delivery can be around 4-6 weeks from order date due to importing these in, please check what stock we have before your order as we do not hold all items in stock.

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