HYPER - The fastest wheels in their class. Period.


Our HYPER wheels are the pinnacle of what's possible with wheel design. Designed with one purpose; to go fast. Their filament-wound rim and carbon spokes ensure a class-leading strength to weight ratio starting from just 1267g in tubeless ready configurations. Advanced aerodynamic profiling produces a fast wheel that out-performs every competitor's wheel tested under 50mm by Hambini.


Our HYPER range is the pinnacle of what's possible with wheel design. For 2020 we totally reengineered the wheel from the hub out. Carbon spokes give the best performance possible while ceramic bearings and an aero optimized rim make sure you're getting every bit of speed possible. No clever marketing gimmicks and just one simple, low price for the whole range.

Winspace Hyper 50mm Carbon Disc Wheelset Black Edition

  • Specification

    • Carbon Spokes
    • Filament Wound Carbon Rim
    • 26mm wide and 50mm deep Aerodynamic Rim Profile
    • Clincher (Tubeless-ready)
    • Ceramic Bearings
    • Aero-optimized for 25mm Tire
    • Weight - 1455g +/- 3%
    • Disc Brake Version
    • Includes 1 set of Black HYPER decals and 1 set of White HYPER decals.
    • Compatibility: Disc brake versions compatible with F:12x100 R:12x142 thru-axles
    • The system limit (Rider + bike + luggage, etc.) is 135kg. However, riders above 95kgs should regularly inspect their wheels or get a qualified bike mechanic to do so.
  • Order Info

    If the size or colour is not in stock delivery can be around 4-6 weeks from order date due to importing these in, please check what stock we have before your order. This is will all of our Winspace stock.

  • Warranty

    Winspace supply all frames with 3 years' warranty

     Wheelsets with 2 years' warranty

    1 year for accessories

    The specific details of this warranty can be found below on the Winspace website.